Coding Officially Started

So, coding officially started on June 17th. I have been having a great experience and really have quite an appreciation for all the documentation the OpenMRS team has in their wiki.

One of the focuses I have had lately has been the unit testing. I created an xml for a mock database so that I can test to see if I am getting what seems to be the correct data to put into the downloaded file.

Here are some links to the documentation that OpenMRS has:

One of my favourite parts of the work I am doing right now is the fact that between the UIFramework and Unit testing I can really fly through the code and tweak errors with minimal effort. With the UIFramework I can make changes to all my front end code without reloading my module and then with the unit testing I can work on the back-end and and not have to reload my module. I also finally got the debugging to mostly work in eclipse when I am running my own openmrs-core and my own modules. I even had to drag in the UIFramework to try to understand an error I sometimes randomly get and I had all three projects working together without too much trouble.

So for right now on my project I am successfully able to use the user interface to select a source and classes to get missing mappings and it is putting it all into a csv. I also have the front end and unit testing working for the upload portion. It is now just getting the uploaded file in the database now that it is successfully being read in and then cleaning up and testing.

As far as I can tell I am still on track and I am looking forward to the week ahead.

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