Midterm progress and SNOMED Subsets

This week has been focused on creating a presentation to share the progress so far and trying to determine the correct subset of data to use for the concept_reference_term table.

For the subset it looks like we will be starting from existing subsets (CIEL, CMT, CORE). and then we need determine a list of SNOMED codes based on the subset chosen, and just load those up. CIEL seems to only include mid-level terms that we’ll need to display a useful hierarchy for a concept. That means we need to include all the parents of a term as well. Then the hierarchy can be populated whether or not there is a CIEL concept currently in the database for it. This seems to be where we are with the subsets now.

For the midterm progress we are releasing stage one and we are 50% done with stage 2. We have not begun stage 3 but as you can see we are 1/2 way done at the mid point so we are right on track.

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