More Snomed Files

This week I have been working on the following:

a dashboard-style page where you (1) indicate where on your filesystem the snomed files are, (2) have a series of buttons for the different tasks, like “add names to all my SNOMED terms” and “import ancestors for all my SNOMED terms”.

Each of those tasks should actually function as a task that runs in the background after you kick it off, and it shows you progress, along with a stop/cancel option. (“Progress” might be “what % of the rows of this file have I dealt with,” or “what % of my reference terms have I looked at”.)
Something like this:

Inline image 1

I have mostly been working on the ancestors and parents which will be what we need for the hierarchy. So I have about 38000 terms in the database and I am traversing through a file with 4,000,000 records to find the ancestors. I think the best way to handle this will be to use a HashMap with byte offsets so that it will not take too long for the process. I have made the skeleton of the work and I am just tweaking it to make sure it is as fast as possible. But I do not see any issues with getting the work done.

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